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What is Pharma Soup?
Pharma Soup is a specialized flash sale platform that offers highly discounted fitness merchandise on a limited quantity & time basis. PharmSoup's brand to consumer design is not matched or available on any other platform. Direct seller fulfillment guarantees high quality products straight from the manufacturer. Don't be surprised when you receive your products if the brand sent you samples, coupons and/or extra goodies! ;)

Why are our prices so low?
Pharma Soup will work together with brands looking to present their products to new consumers. As a marketing effort brands will agree on a lower & limited one time promotional sale price to make products easily attainable by industry targeted consumers. In the end both ends benefit... Consumer get's products at an incredible value and brands get's products on the right hands.

Why only one product at a time?
We want to keep it simple. One product at a time provides all the focus to be directed just to that product. It gives the brand the opportunity to communicate information and benefits about their product to you the consumer and because You never know what's coming next it provides the same opportunity to new and returning visitors to buy this product before time or stock runs out!

Will you share my information?
Absolutely! But, we will only share your shipping information with the fulfilling brand, if we don't do that they can't ship! :) New and returning consumers are the livelihood of brands so give them a chance to earn your repeat business once you buy on Pharma Soup. Don't worry no payment information will be shared.

Why should you sign up?
Well, first of all only cool people sign up so that should be enough. Also, you let all these other weird sites spam your inbox with us you'll get intel you'll actually use! Lastly, We'll email and/or text whenever a new product comes live so you don't forget.